Allstate Enterprise Collaboration

Greetings Exclusive Allstate Agent, 


As part of the FASTDEVICE family we provide our clients with a feature-rich subscription to Enterprise Collaboration (EC). Our EC allows teams to instant message one another along with the best collaboration features delivered in a single package to improve your workday productivity.  


In addition, being an Allstate agent, you are entitled to an enhanced version of our EC offering called the Blue Collaboration Network exclusively for Allstate Agents and Agencies.

The Blue Collaboration Network is offered to Allstate clients bundled with our voice service, or independently licensed monthly, per user.  


Welcome to the Blue Collaboration Network where Allstate agents can securely communicate within their office and with other participating Allstate agents, managers and representatives across their region. This is a powerful network that can make your agency more efficient in the way you work and communicate. 

Please download the appropriate client for your device using the supplied link or contact your IT administrator. For most, the selection would be, "Install Brosix on a Windows computer (installer)." Please make sure to install the application to all Allstate Agent manned computers in your office. Each agent will require a username and password to join the network, therefore, if you haven't already provided the full name and e-mail address of each agent in your office, please do so now and we will add them to the network.

We hope you enjoy the features and possibilities using our network.  


Imagine taking a call and at the same time "instant message" a colleague for a document request. Your colleague would respond by "drag-and-dropping" the document straight to your desktop. And, that's just the beginning of all the wonderful features in our Unified Communications offering. 

Full Feature List for Enterprise Collaboration

 Text Messaging  Chat Rooms  Voice & Video Chat  File Transfer  Spell Check  Co-Browse  Whiteboard  Screenshot  Screen Sharing  Tabbed Chat  


Best regards,