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Harmony Integration Suite

Click Here to Download Harmony Desktop Integration

Installation may require an "Admin" password. If you don't have an Admin password, please see your system administrator.

When downloading, Windows may warn, "the application is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer." This is normal and you can save and run Harmony without issue. Installation may require you to select "more" and "run anyway."

Windows may also prompt for firewall access, please "Allow Access."

Step 1.

Please enter the credentials provided to you by FASTDEVICE.


Step 2.

Registration completed, Harmony will run in the Windows system tray.


Step 3.

Verify System Settings

eAgent Allstate Gateway Instructions
  1. Open your browser to

  2. You will see a login box. Click cancel on that box and the Allstate NTID/ Password box will appear.

  3. Enter your agent ID and Password to login to the Gateway.

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