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Check Voicemail

The fastdevice voicemail system supports an unlimited number of mailboxes, both individual and shared amongst multiple users. Calls can also be routed directly to a voicemail box, such as general mailboxes or after-hours mailboxes via the Phone.

Intercom Call

The intercom feature allows you to dial a phone and have the phone automatically go off-hook to speakerphone mode. This is useful for announcing callers or paging individuals who may not be near their phone.

Business Hours Routing

Your administrator may have programmed time-of-day routing based on the current day of the week and time of the day at your location. This allows you to play different menus or provide after-hours support options at any time.

Call Transfer

"Blind" and "Attended" transfers, meaning you can transfer the call with or without speaking with the other person first. Once the call is transferred, simply hang up the phone.

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Call Park

“Park” a call in a “spot” and have the call retrieved by another extension on the account.

Number Portability

Need to port your number? (Porting Instructions)

Paperless Fax Gateway

Sending a fax is easy, by email, the online dashboard, computer, smartphone or tablet. It's as simple as composing a new email and sending it to the recipients

SMS Business Messenger

You can now send and receive texts from your desktop.

Enterprise Collaboration

Highly secure instant messaging tool which provides features specially designed for enterprise and business purposes.

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