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This notice is being provided pursuant to the Rules of the Federal Communications Commission
VoIP services allow you to make or receive telephone calls over the Internet to or from the public switched telephone network. The nature of VoIP telephone calls, while appearing similar to traditional telephone calling services, create unique limitations and circumstances, and you acknowledge and agree that differences exist between traditional telephone service and VoIP telephone services, including the lack of traditional 911 emergency services.

E-911 Notice

The VoIP Phone services being provided by FASTDEVICE LLC may have the E-911 limitations specified below

  • In order for your 911 calls to be properly directed to emergency services, FASTDEVICE LLC must have your correct physical address at all time.  If you move your VoIP phone service to a different address without FASTDEVICE LLC approval; (i) emergency 911 call may be directed to the wrong emergency authority, (ii) 911 call may transmit the wrong physical address, (iii) and/ or VoIP phone service (including 911) may fail altogether. 

  • VoIP phone service uses the electrical power in your home or office. If there is an electrical power failure/ outage at your physical location, the 911 calling may be interrupted if a battery back-up is not installed, fails, or is exhausted after several hours. ​

  • Calls, including to 911, may not be completed if there is a problem with network facilities, including network congestion, network/ equipment/ power failure, or another technical problem.

  • Prior to changing your physical address, you must contact FASTDEVICE LLC and provide your new physical address. FASTDEVICE LLC will need several business days to update your physical address in the E-911 system.

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