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Our hosted PBX extends reliable telecom technology to every step of your company’s journey.

UCSaaS PBX Features


Hosted PBX gives you full control to set up and manage office phone system.

It's a complete web portal that allows you to visualize and manage your full-featured PBX without an ounce of hardware. Manage your users, departments, numbers, devices, voicemails, conference bridges in just few simple clicks.


  • Call flows

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Phone auto-provisioner

  • Conferencing

  • Feature codes

  • Manage devices for all users

  • Time of Day Routing

  • Call History

  • All standard call handling features

  • Directory

  • Voicemail boxes

Port Manager

The Porting app allows you to submit, monitor and manage port requests.

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Advanced Provisioner

An app to help you provision your devices.


  • Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom, snom and Yealink support

  • Easy to use

Advanced Callflows

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Accounts Manager

The Accounts app allows you to create, customize, and manage of all your client accounts.

This application allows resellers and service providers to handle anything related to all their customer accounts, giving you all the granular control you need to ensure your customers have an enjoyable experience with your service. In the Accounts app you can create a white labeled portal, choose which apps are available to each account, and manage each client's billing in our native billing software. Via this tool you can easily see and manage all the sub-accounts you have under your main account. Easily edit and configure all the accounts while saving time and money, allowing you to stay on top of all your sub accounts with ease.


  • Customizable sub accounts

  • White-labeled portal

  • Easy monitoring when sub account deregisters

  • Native Billing software

Number Manager

Number Manager app allows you to easily buy, port and manage all numbers in your account.

When you're managing a PBX or running a business there are more numbers in your hands than you can manage. Number Manager allows you to easily purchase and delete numbers, port numbers away from other carriers, and assign them to your own clients.


  • Purchase new numbers

  • Delete numbers

  • Port numbers from other carriers

  • Set a Caller ID for each number

  • Set a Failover Number

  • Associate e911 address to each number

User Portal

User portal, allowing customers to manage voicemails, call forwarding, etc.

PBX Connector

PBX Connector allows you to connect your existing PBX to minutes and phone lines on our platform.

If you don't want to change the PBX you have been using, or if you want to continue using the same PBX for security reasons, it has never been easier to bring your own PBX while using Kazoo minutes and phone lines. This application allows you to select the brand of your PBX, create a username and password and get started instantly with your own hybrid PBX!


  • Compliant with all major IP-PBXs (Avaya, Mitel, FreePBX, Asterisk, Cisco, etc.)

  • Simple 3-step process

  • Instant hybrid PBX set up


The Branding app allows you to customize the UI

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