Business Hours Routing

Your administrator may have programmed time-of-day routing based on the current day of the week and time of the day at your location. This allows you to play different menus or provide after-hours support options at any time.

If time-of-day routing has been enabled at your location, incoming calls will be automatically routed based on a predefined schedule when your system was configured and nothing further is required during regularly scheduled business days.


However, in the event you want to close early or take vacation, an operations menu is provided to temporarily change the automated routing schedule.


Operations Menu
1. Dial 995#
2. Listen for Menu Options
3. Press [1] to route calls to after-hours support (or) Press [2] for normal operations

(!) Important when using the operations menu for after-hours routing, there is no timeout; if you route to after-hours, normal operations won’t resume the following day, you must re-enable normal operations from the menu.

Observed Holiday Schedule

  • New Year’s Day       January1st

  • Memorial Day         May Last Monday

  • Independence        Day July4th

  • Labor Day                September First Monday

  • Thanksgiving Day   November Fourth Thursday

  • Christmas Day         December25th


* Please note the system is programmed for the actual calendar holiday, but it’s unable to determine your company specific observed date since that can vary. For example, if a holiday lands on a weekend and is scheduled to be observed during a weekday, the system will schedule regular business hours for the observed day. Please refer to the above Operations Menu instructions on manually routing calls for afterhours.